The products quality control is strictly according to the international standard, the appearance is smooth and the standard error of bend pipe is equal or less than 0.5degree, the Fracture place is smooth.

The advanced producing equipment and the Standardized employees operating specifications.

Brand: honda established in 1984, with about 32 years’ experience of customizing items, aiming to make the world's leading brand.

Careful system of raw material supplying and cost control, providing the largest cost performance goods.

Overall arrangement about the product chain, holding its independent trade brand---SKYLINE who was established in 2008. Integrating upstream and downstream products, providing more convenience and reliable supporting service for items.


A : Expert type marketing communication,customizing the scheme needed from customer.

C : Before the products got out from the factory, we will check them according to the request in contract, making them achieve the request 100%.

B : Strictly according to the stipulation in contract and the drawing from customer to produce.

D : If the customer check out the item has problem after they received them, according to the contract to compensate.